About ME

'Elephant' Philosophy

When I want to meaningfully connect with an opposite person, I always try to find an answer to the intangible question:  ‘what does (s)he believe in’. Its a million times more insightful than a piece of paper we call ‘Resume’ 

I believe in the ‘Elephant Philosophy’ of Life. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you move so long as you move with Purpose, Patience and Persistence. To my mind these 3P’s are the top 3 assets for every person.  

My background

Now that I’ve shared my philosophy, here are some less important things about me. I am an entrepreneur, a crypto investor, a full-stack developer (yes, I love to write code), an options trader, an amateur macro economist and an aspiring philosopher.

I was born in a middle class farming family in South India. I’ve grown up in an era when India has seen a deep transformation in its mindset, income levels and opportunities. Most of my thoughts, principles and ideas originate from my experiences during this period of transformation and from my journey as an entrepreneur.  

I’ve done my Bachelors in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and my MBA from the Columbia Business School. My education is increasingly become a footnote in my life -as days go by, I’m more convinced than ever that these elite schools have been more of a liability than an asset in my life.


I started my career as a quant engineer with Development Bank of Singapore. I was building derivative pricing models for a credit derivatives desk in Singapore. Over the years, I built a fintech company and worked with the front and middle office teams across banks and asset management companies

All those years I heard stories about flow traders who took 5 million dollars as bonus or arbitrage traders making free money etc. I felt something was not right with the way these financial institutions work but could not put my finger to it.

This was until 2018 (a year after I graduated from business school) when I read a book on Satoshi. It took me a while to truly sink in the concept of cryptos & when it did sink in, I found it truly liberating. I am excited to be part of this revolution and have decided to dedicate my life to this cause. You will see me discussing a lot on this subject.


Here are the list of 5 principles that have worked for me. I am all-in on each one of them:

  • Define your circle of influence and stick to it. Don’t spend a minute of your time & an ounce of your energy on things outside your direct control
  • Persist with your goals even if you fail. In the long term, pain of persistence is much less than the misery of abandonment
  • Everything in nature follows the power law of compounding. Always do things hat have an intrinsic positive compounding effect.
  • Being honest & truthful is a ‘pain in the a**’ in the current world we live in. But it is THE BEST policy in the long term (even if you are surrounded by jerks of the highest order).
  • Ruthlessly train your mind to kill the 4 C’s – criticism, complaint, comparison and cynicism. These 4 are your biggest enemies that quickly come to your rescue by pretending to be your best friend. Kill them swiftly and show no mercy.

Contact me

Best way to reach out to me is via email. I might not respond immediately but will definitely do so within a week. 

Please write to me on sushantreddycheruku@gmail.com